Dhink’s passion is to create products with a mix of functionality, emotion and brain teasing design.DHINKLIFESTYLE brand was established in 2007, brought to life by a creative Belgian design team, with years of experience in smart design & consumer products. DHINK® products not only stir up positive emotions but also put a smile on the face of the daily users. Our product line is created through the inspiration of both “in house” MTM design team and free-lance designers worldwide. This variety of creative thinking results in a collection that spans multiple cultures and stimulates people to be open minded.
The most enjoyable “miniature-fashion” brand. METALMORPHOSE is specialized in 3D Casting daily use objects: Key rings, bag accessories, bookmarks, etc. METALMORPHOSE is a premium metal brand, designing and producing daily-use metal products. Since 2011, MTM manufactures both OEM and its own brand collections in casting metal. By using our own in-house design team and China factory, we offer a high level development and the newest technologies to offer high quality collections. Our specialties are: 3D die-casted metal, zinc alloy, stainless steel, electroplating and the newest quality painting process for metal products.

Born the 21th of December 2012, CANAR is ready to explore & discover the world. In his eager to find his true origin, he follows his HEART & passion.